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Roland Chevaleyre
To xxx
Thank you for your letter on last 19 June, then then our telephone conversation.
I briefly give you some explanations.
Do Claude Vorilhon and myself we know since many years, of share the music, etc? I acknowledge to have had a great sympathy to him, it proved his Friendship to me while coming each time to visit me at home?.
For haven't 4 years I re-examined it, he often wrote to me since, and announced its motor race to me (with photographs).

Its movement "Raëlien" never interested me because I singularly have Horror of "Mental Handling" for especially growing rich (and it is the goal of its action). .
I maintenances firmly that Raël said this to me.
(My question 4 years ago)
With the fact these stories of UFOS ?
it is not true. .. Its answer:
well on that NOT..
I said has (M6) that it had thus lied?.
does what everyone know except the Followers.
Did Raël telephone to me by saying to me that it was false et.? and what didn't they have there witnesses (what is true).
I said that because I am against his Movement and especially the human cloning

Following the emission (M6) I had 6 phone calls (people of the South) that they said to me: one does not touch with our beloved prophet? if not you will not walk any more in the street? then 2 which threatened my family and my daughter.
Don't the legal service of (M6) of occupied of that and since I have any testimony in this direction.
Did Raël want absolutely that I send a letter to him (I recorded his panic) to advance that I lied etc.
Me I takes my responsabilities, but I did not want that my family is worried by some Raëliens Maniacs
I said to Raël which my letter was ready but what I didn't speak about lies?

simply that we badly included ourselves/understood and that sound Not was undoubtedly intended for a question about the cars. .
According to my Lawyer. . one does not know who is right? and especially I thought that the Followers would cease the troubles with my family.
Here is the truth.
If Raël wants a lawsuit and it will lose it bus statement an excited Alcoholic? this serious slandering? I have already to pass to the TV for another thing and that did not excite me at all.
I thus will write in Raël in this direction. I am sorry that 4 of your cousins are in this sect? known as their to open their spirit on the lies of this one.

I will like to have the testimony of your friends who left there - -
In this waiting, please believe in my sympathy.

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