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It is all at least what we could deduce from the excellent show diffused on M6 the 10/04/2000 during it's special evening about cults. For those which would not have had the advisability of following I put online the sountrack. The specialevening of M6 brought us many revelations about the raelian movement and his leader and in particular for the first time a meeting and an exclusive interview with the true mother of the true half-brother of Jesus and his aunt (see it video realplayer format) . You will be able to hear here, after the explanations somewhat embarrassed of one of its followers testimony heres a surrealistic dialogue with the journalist. :

Reporter : "You you never encounter an ET"
His mum : "Ho who know maybe that you are maybe that you are one maybe an ET"

Reporter :yes but you were not you were not inseminated by anextraterrestrial ( laughting)
His mum: "I'm not?"
Reporter : inseminated by an ET"
His mum : "Eh qui sait comme la sainte vierge during its sleep the angel came inby the window as I always sleep the open window me on summer you uderstand ( laughing) then who know laughing heu who know as the holly virgin.

-.....MUSIC Commentary .... : -
However the father of Raël exists indeed according to our information it was an Alsatian industrialist refuged in auvergn during the war. ..but it was a married man he did not recognize the child on his birth.

Reporter : "And it was a boy who was how? ?
His aut : "Ho an angel better than a girl of a softness of a kindness of a delicacy ? Gorgeous. ..(Little Music)
His mum: "Ho that it was neever opposed
Reporter :" It was a spoiled child ? "
His mum : Ho I believe it so yes nevertheless
Commentary :

"Raised in a middle-class family the child does not miss anything it leave cherished and protected by these two women who support it still today with passion."

His aut : "Why not the Jesus brother since he did’nt hurt anybody Jesus was on earth for heu to make people happy (laughing) in theory there is necessary a Jesus well for it from time to time. that would not make no bad.

Sa Mère : "In any case there’s curious things what one spoke one day with my sister about it it is nevertheless amusing one I am called Mary Mary Collet [hum] but I am called Mary. ..His/her father worked there in wood [ yeah ] the other was a carpenter but was himself in wood.

His aunt : "And we have the right to dream and ther's his jeane of ark so why not
Reporter : " It's a little like Jeane of ark Claude Vorilhon
His aunt So yes here's our auvergn Jean of ark (laughing)

At the very least edifying Dialogue. ..

The reading of the transcription or the listening of the recording it brings out several elements whichshould be stressed:

If one like the other feal anobviously indefectible maternal love not to say maternatingly for this: angel better than a girl as well her mother as her aunt just like the journalist who carries out the interview have some difficulties to keep their serious since the subject is yhaveozéolimesque origin 1/2 of the small Claude, they are only laughter chuckling which accompanies their attempt to try to believe in it after all by feeding their doubts as for the natural order of the things. Short if these two brave old ladies support it because after all: it makes no evil to anybody and that we have the right to dream let us guarantee that Raël dream of another thing and must be shown today more than embarrassed by the performance from its two historical groupies.

Beyond the anecdote this passage contains an explosive revelation about the accurate genetic origins of the supposed Jesus half brother of ! Indeed Claude Vorilhon is the natural child of an alsatian industrialist who taken refuge in auvergn during the war. In addition to the fact that it invalidates the thesis of the zeolistic design by in a test-tube, his/her mother was thus not virgin even if it she did not convolve .... Consequently if Raël most probably has an half brother (His father was a married man who had probably some child in Alsace) this one is not probably a man called Jesus, this first name is not indeed verycommon on alsatian language.
However this Annunciation ridge in M6 offers prospects for most promising. It indeed enables us to launch true challenges in Raël that of the genetic test of affiliation!

Knowing that Yahweh is'nt reacheable for such a test it would be enough to subject Raël to it : a comparison with his biological father or with one of his descendants we could see then if there remains a place for a zelohistic genetic inheritence.

For my part I doubt that our angel better than a girl pushed his natural delicacy until going to ask itself to do such a test which would however have the advantage of convincing (in the event of positive result)even the more sceptics of it's detractors. Let us guarantee that it is a question undoubtedly here of an excess timidity reinforcing by its scruples to put its new family by alliance in a willd embarrassment. ..

Also it’s seems to me as the only way of convincing Raël to launch a direct call in order to that fronting of to an unanimous request as well for those which support it as more skeptics among us then he will must clarified the question of it’s origins. So I propose to address this request to the international raelians movement which will makedirectly follow to our beloved prophet. … as an example I propose this template

I wish to join the campaign sustained by the webpage: http:// www.zelohim. Org/Z/Zelohim1.htm

Is Raël yes or not the son of Yahweh? Science offers us today a means of determining the veracity of this information.
By practising a genetic test of affiliation. Nothing is more simple today whereas to compare then proximity of ADN with that of its father (This Alsatian Industrialist whose existence was revealed on M6) or one of its descendants and to observe - by elimination - if the share of the extraterrestrial ADN asserted by Raël and check its genetic inheritance with an alien species.
We require that the truth be made on this business. It is well less on behalf of the author of the book which says the truth if raelism is as it claims the only truly scientific religion it does not have anything to fear about this test.

Surprises into Divine Surprised

Commentary :

"And indeed Claude Vorilhon is not deceived. It is to Roland his youth friend which it entrusted 4 years ago it acknowledged to him that he had invented everything (see it on video realplayer format):

Roland "And precisely this evening one we eat together at arestaurant thus one was gone to let go in some discussion and I straightforwardly asked him the question and he answered me yes I have I lied [ yes what? ] I can say it to you I lied but as you knew it in anyway that didn’t teaches you anything new So so that happen like that quite simply and what I reproach to Claude I thus said to him to I can speak about it what I reproach you I say to him is precisely to be use people for you to grow rich finally there because you know very well there acknowledged me acknowledged to me very sincerely that it had never had saw small green men there but that that allowed of that allowed him because people who believed there to evolve were he is now.

RolandThe second anecdotes reported by Roland is perfectly relevant about the general design of the woman by Raël (more or less equivalent to its motor even it may be a racing car video & realplayer format) and about Raël ‘s angels (see the link if against on the SCIURE) and more particularly on the gilded cords. Since he testified Roland have been victim of anonymous threat..

Commentary What they fell for their prophet can drive her in a without limit obedience

Roland : I remember the last time that it came. in well Ambert it had a super girl one it is necessary to be honest nevertheless well and me I is not at side either a well it is true that on a visual level heu it is a girl to which one was going to stick very quickly but and the evening Claude said to me so you came back home good so yes I return at home Ho so yes I came back home because I am divorced I came back home I am alone So keeps So keeps my girlfriend and then tomorrow wewill test Ferrari you will bring back her to me but it was by pure love to please to me. ..and the girl

Reporter : he ga[noisy] his girlfried as he share his car what

Roland : And the girl with whom heu with it was one did not even answer followed the movement i.e. I takes it by the hand and I take it along. I think that there it is to better leave it in the Ferrari or on the roadside and to go to make a journey with the Ferrari what was more because to profit of somebody who mentally listening his prophet in such a way where it was I believe that that completely not satisfied me.

Who are those young Lady ? Take a look by yourself realplayer format

Un ange

Kitsch History and Grand Échiquier

Another of the merits of the report suggested by M6 is to recall in a synthetic form the history of the raelian movement and its prophet "Peace & Love" through its key moment in particular its intervention at the time of the “Grand Echiquier” a key moment of its career of apprentice gurus who was to bring back in his nets at least a star of the moment in the absence of elohims. ..(see here realplayer format)

As an Epilogue

I take again here an answer to Taby on aklt.religion.raelian newsgroup

On Wed, 11 Apr 2001 19:19:39 GMT, (Emmanuel Marin)

"taby" <> wrote:

It really was very well made this news report!

Yes, even if the side "come to Raël kiss without obstacles with splendid girls" makes can be to squeak some teeth. ..

IMHO that raises especially the question of the place of the woman sexual "object" for the raelians. It is in any case what seems to arise from the Julie (real player format) testimony raelian for eighteen years and who seems since to have taken some distance after she go away from the movement:

Julie: Me I remember when I was younger I said heu for me when I make love it is that with raelians I badly saw myself with somebody of the outside and it is true that I think again about it that shocks me - laughr -. ..I say myself when I think about it but it is crazy"

Reporter : How that occur for the girls?

Julie: heu well we were requested because we were heu fresh meat between ""

Reporter : From which age?

Julie: So young people heu So that depends heu that goes from 14 14-15 up to 22 years it is good it'is cool.

Reporter : And them do guides they have which age?

Julie: 30 between 35 and more "

By the way we will notice that according to the Julie testimony the pattern of convict on the Saint Etienne Lawsuitseems to rise of the commonplace of guide’s sexuality among raelians ". Finally we can only quiver if one recast to the blindness of showed by raelian adept about the cloning project quite perfectly documented in the M6 news report. .

In addition to the passages already mentioned, I as well liked the moments of sincerity of Raël, when it comments on the extracts where one sees it singing, and when it speaks money. The journalist obviously spent time with him and succeeded in breaking with the set language of the cultish ones

When Raël evokes Brel, it is seen that there is obviously "a god" for him. It is nevertheless able to admire somebody by finding it definitely higher than him, which slices with all the remainder of the elite speech used in the official speeches
[ Snip ]

See supra the link already quoted.

And when it evokes the money, one sees all the "human" dimension of the cult. I count on those which recorded the emission to transcribe the precise remarks. In my memories, that gives: "the money is good (realplayer format). Those which did not include/understand it poor, are well done for them. "

"the money is good and all those which say the opposite are poor and it is well done"

The argument of the decontextualized quotation which have been used by Aleph-Tav does not seem me to hold with the sight of the contents virtually independent of any context. Especially if one refers to the other extracts of the same vein:

Question: "You could be somebody of not involved completion which decides to live which made like Jesus wishes of poverty?

Raël: "But Jesus had a treasure

Reporter: I do not know, first news

Raël:Well so: any organization piles up a treasure to be able to have its activities

(Note the strategy of Raël which consists in diverting the subject of a personal question on "the organization")

Reporter:(who returns to the subject) It is in the Bible that that Jesus had a treasure?

Raël:(Stammering) It is heu it is a truth which people who look at see absolutely it is known and there is no reasons to be not to be to shock comfort of the Pope and to be sh to shocked of Raël comfort

(Note the passage of Wishes of Poverty ---->Organisation<-- treasure--> Jesus had a treasure sic on a personal Level If one is not shocked by the comfort of the Pope one should not be it by that of Raël):

Reporter: And you there I am with you I wonder whether you deserve the luxury in. ..

Raël: Me I say yes and people who which does it this ease they say also yes

A follower: "Worse enough we does not gain there does not give him enough"

Reporter: You would like to give him even more?

A follower: Obviously it deserves so much more compared to what it brings us (SIC)

to see it video realplayer format

I as well liked this passage a little earlier in the report:

Raël:"All that goes on this raelian foundation it is for me but it is completely separated thing it is very significant that one’s never say somebody can be said I give a contribution to the movement then Raël will not take it in wages if it is for the raelian movement , there is nothing for me. ...

On this subject it seems to me that there is at least here a big trick: See this other part of the report in front of Luxembourg park: where one can hear a follower answer the following question:

Reporter: This book how much do you sell it?

The raelian: "79 francs"

Reporter: and you keep how much on the 79 francs

The raelian: I keep nothing I bought it 79 francs and I resells it 79 francs

Reporter: Before going to sell it in the street you are obliged to buy it front

The raelian: "Ho yes yes"

video real player format

The entirety of the benefit of the sale - via Difra - leads in the pockets of Raël - cf. royalty - who is transferred to him through the foundation which makes follow benefit- after payment of the expenses (it would be interesting to know the price of return from this work apart from the collectors which are far away to be cheap (see for example a work shown in the report which posted a price of 200 FR). However once again according to official speech's of Raël these gifts to the foundation are "free" but the problem remains that the raelians are not free not to diffuse the message - it is an obligation - and consequently they must sell these works which moreover it already paid by their pockets (not of expenses of unsold goods nor of return for the "Foundation"). besides rather naive character of the answer of the French follower contrasts singularly with the public relations raëlites in Canada which look like particularly monitored. But raelian's dont care of such details they are to fascinated by their gourou (realplayer format)

Relations publiques
realplayer format

L'argument de la liberté du don relève de la tartuferie et pas d'autre chose ( le 1% n'est donc pas son seul revenu)

Go further (vidéo realplayer format):

Raël: "And if they want there they know that there is the foundation and that they can give and that it will be only for me and for my pleasure it is very significant.

Reporter: it is well to have people who give for your pleasure

Raël: "Yes but well on good on they is marvellous but they know it

Reporter:"But that you did not know it on 73 that that to go to arrive as that which one was going to pay you for your pleasure

Raël: "Not of the whole at all for their pleasure"

Reporter: And it your

Raël: "Yes but if it make it it is that that given pleasure if not they would not do it"

One will admire the perfectly circular character of the reasoning around the redefinition of the concept of "pleasure"

Here is a short and undeniable quotation, quite individualistic, which should have success to summarize the hypocrisy of the "humanistic speech" Raëlien. But as regards cynicism for little which one can understand between the lines it is probably this speech which would be the jackpot

Short quotation but with the long court speech perfectly vicious all "on circles".or on crock croop circle..

These are not besides the only pearls that this report contains. Thus Terusse interviewed in the same show is let go to quasi a lapse in a long tirade on the sexual initiation of the teenagers:

And to finish a question to the raelian always also entraped on their certainty how do it explain why his/her own son still has doubts even if he he does not want to really believe in it in the final one? (see it video realplayer format)


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