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Mimai beach press release

B. Boisselier cloning press conference 27/12/2002 Hollywood beach
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B.B: Good morning and thank you for coming I'm always told you that will be ones day were able ask for press conference I' never request anything like that before I answered your question very patiently as much I could and today is my day I'm very very pleased to announce that the babe first baby found is born. She was born yesterday at eleven fifty five hum am in the country where she was born so we will [inaudible] laughing more details about location. She she's fine we called her Eve between us you knew that of course some suggest ho that a good idea [excellent by an unknown voice] you wont have the right name and you know for a long time. I thought that this press conference will be with the baby the parent's the scientists everybody surrounding me and having pleasure announcing. I'm alone and there is a reason to that is that hum it hasn't been easy to face the world with this announcement and with a we have been discussing with the parent's the last three month how with handle today and hum. They decided not to show up yet they will I Hope they will and I wish them well (they will?). Because we have been K/working very closely together for the last year and talking each other very often before implantation when we did the implantation then this was the all then four could hold en them because this the path of spurs ? first three month else(a). I saw them change I saw them becoming so happy with the the birth coming and yesterday I can tell them I can tell you it was the the best of the day of their life and I want it I wish them a very happy life and I wish this baby girl a very happy life. So that's the reason why done not here right now they wall face the press right now but I hope they will. But they will be proof because I know that you're expecting some proof right so the baby right now is in the hospital with the mother she will be hum [another voice inaudible]. They will be an independent expert that I don't know I have never meet him but I trust hum hum those we have chosen him and this is person in who is in this room who is in this room if Michael would you like to to say just a word -

M.G: doctor Michael Guillem [noise] Doctor Michael Guillem G U I L L E M from the united state free lance journalist recently on ABCnews and I was for fourteen years the science editor for ABCnews ha from the record I know as little and as much you do about the baby child that doctor Boisselier has just announce but doctor Boisselier has invited me to put her claim to the test and I've accepted on behalf of the world press on two conditions that the invitation been given with no string attach whatsoever and number two that the test be conducted by a group of independent world class experts now I have consulted with this experts - yes man - and doctor Boisselier has promised hea to by bodies two conditions and it's on the straight to that promise that I'am proceeding I'm told by the experts that the procedure the all process will probably take about a week we can go by the book and be very strict and one's the result summed that I will be releasing them to you all [inaudible question] Nobody has paid me this is completely independent as I said the two conditions that I made made and accepting doctor Boisselier invitation was absolutely no string attach whatsoever and number two that the test be conducted not by me personally but by a group of independent expert which doctor Boisselier has no connection with no affiliation with and has no influence over their selection I want be certain - excuse me - I want be certain that at the end of this process we can all have confidence on the results one way or the other [question] hue I'm a physicist not a physician phd physicist [noise] now that's all excuse me [question inaudible] because I am a journalist [question] I'm a free lance journalist [ Q :From how] I'm a free lance journalist [question] right now I'm a free lance journalist sir That'all I'm prepared to said you now I'll be pleased answered all of your question when the times comes but this is doctor Boisselier a press conference [B.B thank you] thank you.

Q : How how will do the independent verification how will you do that mam So the baby will come home probably in three day from now


B.B : I think it could be in three day because everything is fine from what I heard it's very difficult to communicate with them because I want realy to protect them as much was I can as you guess so the baby once's the baby's home in three day independent expert will have address were ha can go to get to do the sampling and one the sample is down (gone ?) then he will be one week I think it's could be done faster but let said one week so you should have the answer hum and all proofs that you request in eight from ten day's from now okay now [lot of voice speaking all together] I'd like to finish that it's my day right ? laughing I'm sorry you see my smile but it's be such such a special such a special year from me as you guess you've been treated me like a fool like so many things I've my said today well I want to talk and I will talk we heu we have been celebrating with the scientists this week and (goes ?) a very special Christmas and heu I wish heu they could be here with me I know that they are looking at me and I want thank them fishily right now cause I believed that heu they disserve recognition and they will get it when they ready to go to go public right now it's still difficult some of them are working for institution that be will not and the can cannot go public right know but I hope that soon we can do the publication as be hoping. The process the technique that we have been using is very close the one that has been described heu for Dolly the sheep re adapted human cells it's been I don't know if . some people will say it's luck but I would say it's good it's hard work because our technicians especially the one who has been to in all the transfer and so on have been very heu hard worker and tried many many different media actually the key in this sight heu will success is actually the timing will allow do you do the transfer and the activation and the media that will been usually all the condition that surrounding the first stage of the embryo so we have pleased because of or results because I believe that it's heu it's heu it's a result of hard work and dedication and to see (missed is raris ?) heu I'm really thankful to them for what they did I also want to thank heu the parents who trusted me they have been I received a lot of support of parents to be individuals or couple who would like to have a baby who said despite what the press said despite what the government said we will have a baby and thanks to you your giving us hope and I received so many so many email of hope I received a lot of email of insults and that threat on the same time but I I I want to remember the hope on there and I I I have been working for the last couple of years for this couple would like to have a baby I'd like you to remember when you write by this what ever you write is that there are parents were hope thaks to this technology and this technology is available to them through Clonaid but it will be available to other probably doctor Antinori and another our competitor and this will be available from IVF clinics depending on how you treated them or (dispel ?) one have to go to some secret location from a long time again depending on how you treated that event and it's very important to remember that we are talking about a baby the baby is very healthy she she's fine she's doing fine parents are happy and I hope that you will remember them when you talk about that's baby not like a monster like heu hum some some results of something that is disgusting she's a very healthy baby in this world and with very happy parents The parents are American citizen the mother is thirty one's she is the one who have been cloned and she carried her baby cloned we have been discussing at length the implication of that ands she's to in really well with that she's that the all families is very happy and actually from me the best proof that we can have sorry doctor Guillem but it's fairly the grand mother which said she's look like just like the mother (trailed ?) what I heard about that I couldn't attempt the birth but that was get an answered I also want to mind you Clonaid was founded in 1997 thanks to Rael you may ask hear of him he's my spiritual leader is the founder of the raelian movement and when all the establishment was saying this is not acceptable we shouldn't have a baby a human baby cloned at any time we couldn't accept that because to us as raelian to stop science is not possible it's shouldn't be allowed science can go to the can be the worst and the best for humanity But I choose thing that this is for the best I do believe that we have been created by scientists that everything that is me have been thought by scientist and I'm grateful to them for my life for the fact that I'm able to have pleasure in everything I do and science if science created me then science have some good if it's use for good so now we can compare science if my science is giving babies to parent's we have been died to get to get one's with their origin sf my science worst that the one's prepared the one's that have preparing bomb's to kill peoples peoples will say this is to protect yes this is to kill and I'm creating life I'd like to you think science for good of science for creation of life and this is the message that Raael have been given given in 1997 when he founded Clonaid and I was happy to follow him at that time it took me some time I lost my job in france because of that I lost the custody of my little child because of that and because of my association to the raelian movement that's the liberty of thought in france right and I struggle to get the first funding when I got the first funding was back in summer 2000 and we have the first lab we have to close the lab for many reasons I did a new one and in this new one that we did we had her first success we had this technician of the team thre's is nico right is that okay the team work hard starting in august 2001 we had at that time we were working on the cow eggs with human human geneticist and we starded work on the genetic aspect of the imprinting and so on we really did more than three thousand of looses? And really refined all the aspect of the technic until December that we build that machine that you heard of the RMX 2010 that you can see on our web site if if if the web site is alive because durting the night we have some hacker's playing around heu we started really to work with human eggs in January of this years so it took us three month to finalized and this is very short and that why as said is it luck or is it hard work I do believe it's hard work and but we had heu ho really really good success very quickly and refine technique for human eggs until spring when we started to have implantation we had ten implantation and five of them during the first three weeks were terminated spontaneously five other were successful are still successful the first ones was heu born yesterday the next one is due in Europe next week so it's very close and three other will be by the end of january maybe early February depending we never know exactly cause the other one announce, suppose to be Cisection? Heu so I think I can go back to starting to thank people I really want to thank to thank Rael for his leadership in this is not here because I want you to realize that Clonaid and the raelian movement have no association excerpt the philosophical association and heu even if he has been the founder it ended as soon as backing 2000 when I started them fund and he's not involved on any decision or anything but is been my leader and I really belief that is heu leadership has been very important for the success of this sc scientific event and for Clonaid altogether and we will work now of course they will be twenty more implantation some time in juneJanuary if everything goes fine in that new lab because we had to start a new lab a third one heu after that we intend to open clinic at this one for continent to make sure that we can help all the parent we have been requesting because the list is long and it's climbing.up we intend at Clonaid to work on the next step that is the accelerator growth process as if you heard about that this is one's of our goals is on indeed to go at Clonaid in the cloning technology and at the same time we work on the engine technology so I hope but I can have another press conference soon all kind of very good results but the team is very dedicated to that and very motivated and we have a lot of request so this is what I wanted to said and heu you may have some question now I see the laugh and raises I don't want to .I've been taking very less very proud of me laughing okay so -

Q : question inaudible and third.egg donor that came from Canada ?

B.B : Canada So yes tvs saw you laughing the Baby was born by C-section the reason for the C-Section that the mother have another baby before with C-Section that's the only reason you can know now that Eve have an older sister from another marriage. Now (moleducation?) no links with Canada I mean they have been egg donors for our first roles? Heu from January to march and heu would their be any from the might be some for Canada but nothing special. No for this particular one's we use the egg for the mother because it's a case of male infertility so we use the egg of the mother so it's an easy case you will going to say because the DNA the mitochondrial DNA is the same.

Q : And what was the bay fist weight at the outcome ?

B.B : The weight was seven pounds

Q : And the outcoume -innaudible -

B.B : Everything was fine

Q : Inaudible

No I don't have the number I'm sory

Q : The ten implantation have all baby inaudible

B.B : No it was ten different case we did'nt take the chance to twin of this little baby laughing sorry

Q : Could you tell me the nationality of the other four parents

B.B : The next one's is from Europe - were - I' wont say, Northern Europe, and heu two are from Asia, but the third one's is and a es? from north America and the two last one's are from Asia.

Q : Which part from asia. Est from japan china.

B.B : no comment.

Q Which part or what cell where does the DNA coame from In that case it was a skin cells

Q for everyone

B.B : Not for every because we tried different type but for this one for Eve it was a skin cell

Q : And do you use electricity or chemical medium to combined

B.B :They have been an electrical impulse

Q did you put the all cells or rejected extracting nucleum Yes we did

Q Rejected extracting nucleus

B.B : No the all cell

Q: inaudible every successful pregnancy how was it was what was your inaudible

B.B : Well ten implantation five success so far but you know we will wait until the end of the five heu pregnancy to clai claiming success rate

Q : Are you studied the abortive embryo

B.B : Ho yes no clue about any genetic defect we we suppose that it was more colon? on preparation of the women and as all but you know is something I’d like to remind you that in IVF because this technique is very much like technique of heu in vitro fertilization and heu and in good clinics you can go up to forty percent success rate so so far if if everything goes fine with the five pregnancy we should have fifty percent it’s break up ? (is very up ?)

Q : Are you going to publish your results ?

B.B : Yes we will you know we have been to binding ? by that for las two weeks this feel very ethic ? for us and the scientists want wants they want to publish and at the same time it’s difficult for them to put their main name on a publication even if they want to so I guess that depending of the outcome of this week heu and the public response will see how would do that publication

Q : Are will this people so active or are they member of the raelian organization ?

B.B : No they won’t be any they will no raelian candidate in this first inaudible they are actually I wont give you their religion if that what is important for you laughing but they I had received thousand of of request among them some were more insisting than others so for the last three years we have been talking with many of them some were ready to take risk and heu because it was a risk we all understand that and the they became in sense heu scientific partner and heu [Q : doctor you said] we choose them because we want to have several case to as well ? it’s this case in was an infertile couple, the European case is a lesbian couple they won’t be also two cases were with dead children you you know there but children at war that were we preserved the cells before the death of the child

Q : So you’ve been using the cell from dead child

B.B : That’s was we have been using from some of them from from one of the asian

Q : one’s the Asian I’m sorry and what’s was the other one.

B.B : The other one’s is one for north America.

Q : Innaudible infertile couple what process did you to have the older sister

B.B : Well it was the mother heu remarried so we are talking about a new couple in that case

Q : Doctor you said it today about it if you wanted to talk about it your celebrating

B.B : Yes

Q : Would you descript what it is your celebrating

B.B : We celebrating is success a scientific success he the successful of parents who have been hoping so much heu for for this here inaudible been something and I think you have to admit with me that been treated the way I’ve been treated to the media to all planet to me is something to face it to dire ces mots she’s born and to me is a celebration you know because then you laughing you could still go back to your office and treat me as a fool ? (fraud ?) you have one week to do that laughing ...

Q : and also you stay ?so…

B.B: You didn’t have to come if you didn’t want to right laughing [Inaudible] But the proof you you could I’m my own proof because of course we did the test [a lot of voice speaking loudly] thus way I’m so I’m so confi you will not trust my proof if I show you picture of the baby now you will say who proved me that this is a clone baby if I show you all the piece overquainter ? all the test that we did because we did many plenty even during the pregnancy you will say look’s inaudible that’s this is no the only proof that I can give you is trough an independent expert that I don’t even know I have never meet this person.

Q : how did you arrange this arrangement with the free inaudible and why should you believed

B.B : Ho yes right you can always talks and doubt and doubt it’s your choice I’ never well [ too confused] maybe laughing the best proof you can have is to look at the last show he did on on cloning I reason at very much he did that on CNN about cloning child and it’s not on me laughing it did that for one’s of my heu competitor so laughing maybe I show that show to you sorry laughing.

Q : Doctor what’s is your title Clonaid

B.B : I’m the C.O. Clonaid

Q : doctor doctor this is inaudible especially an identical cloning correct from the younger virgin ? of the mother [Of the mother yes] and what is the biological father then the baby grand father ?

B.B : Well the biolo laughing you can said that but to me who is the father of the baby if the father was been desiring the baby they choose together to have a baby and this baby they choose to have the little clone of the mother so that’s

Q : growth up let me say he growth up and ask about is father what are you just parent tell here.

B.B : They have to say that already to tell the truth and to explain that the father is the the companion of this woman and they choose to have this baby and I think this is the revolution that will living in our society is that the family would change he is already changing a lot of children are raised to they by other by couple they are not their biological parents anymore they some most of the fender ? is only one of them and and I’m free finish okay and so this fa family is is chang society is changing family is changing and I do believe that is a choice of every parent to choose the child they want even if they don’t have any infertility problem or any heu inaudible case or diseases if you are perfectly a normal couple and you want to have ifi if elect to have a child to the cloning reproduction technology why not who are we to tell the parents the child that they should have and of course we have to educate people to that don’t know that was was the hardly implication of that but if you go into the debate on telling people what they should have a child through the cloning technology then you should tell them well you drinking during the pregnancy then you shouldn’t have baby you can go into the intimate life of everybody I don’t think this is right

Q : Doctor what’s continent is baby is born ?

B.B : No

Q : Doctor inaudible what will you charged

B.B : She was asking a questionlaughing

Q : the cost

B.B : The cost ho nobody never paid me anything so far and maybe things will change heu I’ always consider that not they have been some among the five heu couple who have been aware ? in that still in pregnancy or heu some of them became business partner so they invested in the company but they didn’t paid for product they invested they trusted us and I think they are very happy today with the outcome

Q : Will you inaudible fundamentally going to be a money making proposition

B.B : Well this is Clonaid is a is a private company whose investor’s expecting some returns so indeed was twenties more you know before making anything on the market I’ll wait until the birth of the five babys once they are they are born all born, we will start twenty new cases that are already selected male ? among them I will no disclose to much by those but they will be twenty implantation end of January begin of February okay after that I will thought at offer that as as as product as a service and I’ill request heu money

Q : would you turning one way ?

B.B : I won’t turning in one a way who am ‘I to said to people they cannot have a child if they are inaudible to have a child to using that technology of course if someone come to me and say my baby just died from a heu any disease that is a genetic disease at that time I will to tell them and explain to them that this genetic disease will be pass on the baby and that it’s not a good idea and you know I’m trying to explain only implication of cloning to to the people are coming to me but if anybody come to me and say I’d like to clone myself who am’ I to you guess ? as more than to ? two ? then I may able ? I don’t think I can do that for you but then

Q : inaudible you have videotape inaudible

B.B : Yes we have all this we recorded we recorded heu you know we have be I almost elected ? to show that to you today but I choose not

Q : Why not

B.B. : hum because the science it can’t be see I told you that the discussion were there are been very special this week hue I elected not show you anything anyway I can go to any lab or somebody can go and and show you someone working with joysticks in front a microscope and you will say that this is no proof so that the reason were I today telling you what happen yesterday and telling you what we have been working you can do what you want with this information in eight nine day to now you have a proof from someone I don’t even know but I never meet and if you don’t trust him to may be able able give you some access I don’t know but I heard you we cannot go on and on with proof and proof and proof maybe one day you have to realize I missed that true true

Q : Doctor Boisselier

B.B. : talk Miriam ?

Q : going back to the birth that failed did the mother of this clone that is born yesterday experience inaudible any and what is the the mother inaudible about the pregnancy who be terminated and also Would you repeat the time were baby born

B.B : she was born at eleven fifty five am were she was it does not tell you the continent okay heu the the mother inaudible ain’ t a little weight “ but not just like a normal weight gain normal inaudible( talk a little bit? ) she always I had three children and each time he go ? laughing so she did the same she’s really doing fine she didn’t experience any pain ? she had already a pregnancy before also she knew and will have been checking all she have been checked for the like no other pregnancy before

Q : Do you expect any kind of legal turmoil or any kind heu negative things for yourself as a result as making this announcement

B.B : I thought about it it’s true that I’ve been receiving many death threats hum I do believe that people will realize that this is a baby and no I’m not afraid but I I’ am cautious

Q : Doctor this is the brave new word would you don’t worry in turn that you are creating something make you condemn the the baby to doctor Frankenstein situation where’ this bay where this baby may be healthy but you don’t know the implication about his birth

B.B. : I’m think thinking about this birth for for years now and weighted all implications I was the most concern about the health of this baby and I did all I could and I pushed the scientists to that you know we could we are sure what we implant and so on hum you now when you talk about brave new world they are different way to look at brave new world this this this novel some people will say this is terrible because they inaudible doing army of clones I’d like to remind you that the one had decided to make army of clone are government and a and a the science of that time was controlled completely by by government we are talking here about a company with offering the service to have to some parents who cannot have child or to anybody who cannot would like have a child and this this way and this is completely different science is not controlled by by any heu power is just available everybody and nobody ever came to me and say well I’d like to have a hundred of myself you know this never happen and heu the I had only meet with parents who would like to have one child some time they said two can we have two and that’s all [various voice] when I like you to remember that when you talk about brave new world.

Q : How much will you charge

B.B : Well I don’t now I’m not very good at at business and I think that someone in the company will decide that soon laughing

Q : inaudible tell about body group of expert How many are they and where are they from.

B.B : From what I’ve heard there is only one that had been selected and he is not here because I inaudible will be a good idea to have him come here but on same time I want him to be able to go safely to the parents place and thats the reason is not here but you know he’ll he’ll have once the sampling are down I guess there is possible to reveal

Q : How many

B.B : I’m sorry

Q : How many he told them

B.B : Just one I’ve accepted only one the parents wants to have a life and they don’t want to jeopardize and the chance to have a normal life so they will be only one allowed to go there

Q : Docteur Boisselier let me tell you two question one there is any trend ? to doctor Guillem expert to look at the remain of the piece I guess inaudible take order in the early stage were inaudible are terminates and those expert inaudible

B.B : Well this is a good idea I can assure you that you did a lot of work on them and they are absolutely no indication that anything going wrong but they have been frozen so it’s a possibility

Q : and then the second question related to that issue any you tell us anything about the thinking that led to choosing doctor Guillem and allowing him to choose the expert inaudible you will just making the judgment on your own

B.B : Well he was the only one to propose that’s me and I never had any any suggestion from any other and so I felt well maybe maybe that’s a good that’s a good point [ q: who is the name of that expert] I’m sorry I told you I don’t want to reveal otherwise he wont be free to go to the place and then you will have to wait longer enough

Q : Docteur Boisselier a number country inaudible banning cloning what should you be the one push the world in this direction

B.B : How who is wonder why yes laughing because I believe in it …I believe …I believe in science look at how scientist have treated into this process they have been told don’t touch that on what ground they have been told on that on human dignity weird they have been told this is terrible for human dignity where is the human dignity problem in having a baby this little baby will be the greater twin of a mother but she will be different because she will be educated on a completely different surrounding she as we say she will have a computer in her bedroom but the mother never had in you know it’s it’s a completely different individual who is born who is born yesterday and so I the reason I have been really I think this way is I want people to understand that science should never be stop scien science should be challenge and it’s good to have debate in a society where and how we can use science but not prohibition

Q : Is they a book deal with the doctor

B.B. : I’ m sorry

Q : Do you have a book deal with doctor Guillem

B.B. : no laughing

Q : inaudible book deal going

B.B : But I’am I’ve been writing a book And I hope that’s hit’s inaudible out soon until inaudible older I’ve been leaving through so many thing like the parent have to be alert on ? all this All what have been through so

Q : How many doctor doing the working on this baby inaudible

B.B : Okay heu they are different we work with six major scientist and heu not of them all of them were working full time so they were they were half time heu if they were doctor and when we have us hangs ? we did them but not when we inaudible that’s different Heu the team has changed through the time some came in some left heu we change also continent so some couldn’t follow the changes that we made heu for the delivery heu for the European case the delivery will be down in a normal hospital [ Q : natural birth] natural birth and a and I think that the doctor doesn’t that this is a baby a clone baby but the pediatrician know

Q : inaudible the tender of the baby

B.B : yes it a lesbian couple with a little girl coming

Q : Doctor Why why in Hollywood beach those

B.B : laughing I did’nt know it was Hollywood beach yes I inaudible this morning on a reading an article heu I’ have friend’s here who how inaudible organize this and to find a place because we have no time to really organize that’s so that’s the reason it’s here because they was a radio celebration in this room to days ago

Q : inaudible American citizen

B.B : no connection no no relation to may ? between this place and the location of the parent ?

Q : mrs Boisselier who is going to monitor the health of the baby and how we are going to know if the baby run into problems and may even die

B.B : hue …..I’ I’ will face I will face you if if he’s dead they will be actually some personal were were that child

Q : inaudible mention inaudible both of them are have been US American citizebn

B.B : Yes they are

Q : have they any background that you can give for us

B.B : No comment no background

Q : so if the independent inaudible said to you you are ready to check that baby why not are you going to say yes to them

B.B : I’m sorry I did’nt get the question are you inaudible people like the NIH wants to check [yeah] I ‘ll consider their request I’ll come to there but I’m not saying yes I’ll considering.

Q : doctor inaudible you wanted to do this for the promotion of science maybe in fact he say you want to do this for money why is that

B.B : Well laugh just because I’ve been investing for four years all my life all my time all my money and investor money invest this cannot have been made without money as you know I wished could but so the investor are expecting some return and this prior ?mome to all the foundation yet

Q : inaudible relaying on donation inaudible to go upside

B.B : I would have welcome all donation I might to tell to laughing

Q : How would you charge this is

B.B : here again I don’t want to say any any price right now because this will be decided by … somebody else I’m not good at that

Q : How many people aware the identities of parents

B.B : very few … Even not all the scientist now them so we take ? talk ? only five people

Q : And who are they

B.B : laughing

Q : inaudible

B.B : well first able when you said that scientists considering me as a renegade they do that when they talk to you when they are in front of microphone and a camera because it’s it’s difficult to say in public well but to inaudible Clonaid is only a matter of technology right and heu but they said that to me so you could probably without a microphone and without a camera have different comment from my pairs if they so accepted me to say that I’m their pairs laughing but how I ‘ll say that I received for the start a lot of impulse ? for scientists that I they well know whose said please do it right because we don’t want the cost the dauter ? you caused and we want this this inaudible otherwise we wont get fifteen twenty years backlash no sorry that was the main heu and was happy to receive those as you guess now hum the one he has been many saying this is non acceptable because of the defect that see in my cows in my sheep in my dog on so on I’d like to remind you and I hope that you will wanted check back is that people who are expert in cow reproduction assisted reproduction have exactly the same problem when they do IVF of this cow that meant those the defects where they see in cows are not a defect that is related to to cloning it’s a defect to assisted reproduction in cow and you shouldn’t be surprised to see my success today because actually the success of IVF has been preparing that for the last twenty four twenty five years

Q : inaudible sheep ..

B.B : If you look at the defect they are different from one species to another and they defect for same problem when they do IVF for that species so again it’s not a problem related to cloning is more related to assisted tech to assisted reproduction technology what I’ve noticed but if I have been seeing that all along for the past years some are still sticking to the defects because it’s sell ? more than the success right but I’d like really you to investigate and talk to this expert and ask them do you have indeed this kind of problem when you do IVF on those species and you ‘ll see the answer and you know to me is poor science to say they are defect in hu cow cloning so there will be defects in human cloning this is poor science to me the real science is to say we have defect in cow cloning and we do have defect in IVF cloning so we should improve our knowledge on assisted reproduction and human assisted reproduction have been going on for twenty four years

Q : of a various experiment that didn’t succeed what the point as they failed

B.B : before the three weeks after the implantation within the three weeks

Q : inaudible are you using the women egg or you are taking some donor eggs

B.B : We have all cases we had donor eggs we had in one case there is one surrogate mother carryng the child it’s heu it’s heu Asian surrogate mother

Q : so how many human eggs have you ever be used so far

B.B : heavy ? or more than three hundred

Q : Of one inaudible

B.B. : Yes because before doing any implantation we did several test we did several embryos check on inaudible I did actually they took my cells and did some of mine hu laugh and he check how the embryon will going on yeah

Q : is anything that you can do where there a coincidence that the child was born for inaudible Christmas

B.B : Laugh

Q : if you wouldn’t mind even you don’t know it’s claim significant of the name Eve would you said you choose inaudible the family choose an another well

B.B : laughing I wont reveal what’s the real name okay inaudible my choice laughing remember what was [ inaudible so close to Christmas] ho Christmas we could have inaudible you Christmas right laughing no we don’t inaudible [noise] laughing she was jew by the inaudible here we allow ? that the 26 was a good day

Q : Could you tell me exactly when did you put that cloned embryo when did you implant it

B.B: It was back in spring

Q : are you inaudible that day for inaudible realms ?

B.B : Laugh

Q : Did you do in united state, did you do the implantation

B.B : No nothing was done in united states we cause ? offers ? baby in the us back in July 2001 and I decided to move on not do anything in this country so there hasn’t be anything done in this country after July 2001

Q : inaudible baby real name

B.B : nice try to laugh

Q : the bay as a normal human adaptation carry to inaudible nine month normal

B.B : Very normal, everything went by the book [was boirn earlier] no no she was due by the inaudible and we choose twenty six because heu

Q : I’m confusing when you ask just know as the parents name the real name for the baby is Eve pronouncing yes pronouncing no

B.B : What’s the point I said that I will not give any detail that could threat that baby right

Q : You called Eve

B.B : We called her Eve because you know I think few day ago [ white in the audio] [ that’s a good point ] laughing

Q : inaudible you religion it is inaudible

B.B : Yes the bible to us is like [ audio gap] human been taken god or goods and if you look at the bible actually heu you can check that as well the name the initial name of god was élohim and it’s a plural in Hebrew it’s translate in a single word and is good but talks about élohim if you to an Hebrew expert they will tell you yes it’s a plural and it’s mean those who came from sky so yes the bible is talking about people came over so that the light was god so what we would do if we where will until implant life in another planet and that the reason’s he have Eve is funny but it’s it’s I don’t pretend and I hope that you wont perceive my may achievement as pretending I’m god because I’ve more respect for those that created me I think they have more advance in science then they have than I’ am and my science is not that you shame ? I’ve the chance I was training to find the good team and I believe that was I do but I think now I have answered most of the question and I wish you just one more

Q : inaudible

B.B : yes only one of them [Q : inaudible] so they were ten cases so I’ telling us the result of five remaining ones so the choice the choice were different but in this case in the surrogate mother because the mother her age is more inaudible so we preferred to we discuss with them and they elected ten? then? surrogate mother okay so thank you for your patience and you have news from us in eight nine day



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