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During his press release on Toronto Brigitte Boissellier explained that’s “Clonaid” will provide video footage from his cloning facilities. In fact they put on line two video’s. The first one’s called Lab_new-mid.mwm, is a windows video clip showing some images of the cloning lab & the second one’s, promo.ram (real player’s format) is supposed to describe the entire cloning process. Previously, Clonaid between July & August 2002, released a video clip entitled “RMX2010” screening the cloning hoax device through cloning operation - presented at Tokyo Bio expo Japan on July 10-12 - copyrighted RVP56©2002 – 56 referred to the raelian calendar year 2001 so must be read as follow RVP2001©2002). Comparing those film is quite interesting to understand how raelian achieved clone’s on their wonderland also knew as Hoaxland.

Let us start by comparing the lab footage “Lab-New” with the “Cloning process” and compare those few images :

Brigitte à nitro promo ram Brigitte dans le nouveau labo
l'ancien microscope à nitro
l'ancien microscope vidéo rmx
BB dans son laboratoire : promo.ram
BB utilisant son microscope dans son nouveau laboratoire
le Microscope : . La première promo.ram
Le Microscope :RMX

First regarding promo.ram/lab_new.mid it’s appearing that’s the devices displayed in the two video clips aren’t the same. See the ‘dissection microscope’: there are two different models and now considering the copyright of the promo.ram video clip (RVP 2001-2002) it’s obvious that’s image from the facilities are from the 2001 year’s. We could conclude that because the only new “pictures” in RMX2010 are those describing the cloning process (year 2002) consequently the facilities one’s did from 2001. It ‘s also clear that the two place – different devices & room – are not the same. And finally we could notice that’s Mrs Boisselier Haircut in lab_new.mid is the one’s that she choose few time before his media campaign – October/November 2002 – in the other video clip the older one she’s wearing the older one’s. Now we can reach two conclusions. The first one’s is that promo.ram video clip used images from the 2001 facilities: The Nitro Lab. And we know that this facilities didn’t exist after the beginning of July 2001 so any cloning process have never been take place down there. So describing a so called cloning process using those materials is hoax by itself. The second one’s is that if raelians used old footage from nitro lab in August 2002 they didn’t have any new image or a new lab at this date. So we can also conclude that any kind of cloning process have never been issued in the very new facilities – cf.lab_new_mid. By the way you have another evidence in the video clip that sustain our claims : In the fist few image in the beginning of the film you can see a “white board” with a sentence in French that you ca read : “Vérifier l’incubateur avant le 26/28? fév.” so “Check The incubator before the 26/28 of February” so this facilities is not even functional at time when the film was shouted.


vérifier l'incubateur avant le ...détail

capture d'acran le whiteboard

Capture d'ecran le whitebaord

Finally the lab_new_mid video clip gives another interesting insight. Thomas Känzig always claim that he have no information’s about the lab. Mr Kaenzig is obviously lyng in court before he is indicated as the author of the video clip:

Auteur de la vidéo T. Kaenzig
auteur Thomas Kaenzig


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